Cultural Drama

Explore the strange world of cultural dysfunction through the pages of these new cultural drama books by Dorothy Rudzi Chitembure-Wright. There is so much suspense to be had and so many unexpected twists to keep you turning the pages as you experience cultural drama through Dorothy’s riveting stories. The stories in these drama books are based on real life events, set in the continent of Africa. In this part of our world, sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction!

Covert Hostility

Abuse is a human plague that takes many forms and knows no bounds of race or culture. For Catherine, life felt like there were mysterious dark forces at work as she suffered at the hands of people she though were meant to protect her. Will Catherine ever find redemption or relief? Brace yourself for you are about to witness the dramatic transformation of a young woman whose innocence made her easy pray for the cunning predators in her life. Covert Hostility is a screenplay novel based on real life events.

Bitter Blinded Winds

This is a book about toxic power, survival, lust and a quest for sweet vengeance. Based on true events set in a time of colonial rule, this book takes you through the emotional roller coaster of one family’s struggle to survive insurmountable challenges at the hands of an insecure, ruthless and power hungry farm foreman who went by the name Spinach. For Nhamo and his family, life at the farm was about to alter the course of their lives in ways that fate itself could not fathom. Find out how the twisted events unfold!