Dorothy’s Story

My mother said “In all my seven children, the day you were born was the most unexpected and fastest delivery I’ve ever encountered.”  As she tells the story of my birth, the day seemed just like any normal Saturday – with no signs of labor. So, she decided to attend a special church service that was going on that day. But, as she made her way into a small Apostolic Faith Mission church, she found herself into labor without warning, interrupting the ongoing Church service. She was quickly surrounded by the Pastor and Deacon’s wives and they carried her into a baptismal room. That is where I was born and given the name Dorothy (which means a gift of God) Rudzi Chitembure. I believe that it is my unusual birthplace that set the stage for my strong faith and my life’s calling to help others.

My name is Dorothy Rudzi Chitembure-Wright.  I am a Zambian by birth and a Zimbabwean by origin.  I was born in Ndola, Zambia on May 23rd.  My parents are both Zimbabweans who at the time where in Zambia through a job transfer to open a branch for the then Bells Asbestos limited – the family returned to Zimbabwe after the company was established.  I have a BA degree in Marketing, which I obtained, at the University of Zimbabwe.  For 18 years, I worked in the Tourism Industry; first as a Hotel Relations Manager then later as a General/Marketing Manager.  During that time, I volunteered at Island Hospice.

In 1998 I met and fell in love with an American – a year later in 1999, I left Zimbabwe and came to America – a country I knew very little of and was totally not on my radar. Turns out that being in America has been a true blessing for me, but even though I am now a proud citizen of the United States, it is hard to forget the people that I have left behind.

As one of seven children, we did not have much growing up but our parents encouraged us to share the extra we had with people whose need was greater than ours. As part of our Christian values, we were taught never to be complacent in witnessing the suffering of another human being. This is what drives me to help others whenever I can, and try to make a difference in other people’s lives with the little that I have. 

Since I have been in America, I have worked with church organizations back home to try and improve the lives of children who have lost their parents to AIDS as well as helping widows of AIDS victims through the proceeds of my books and CD.  It is very hard to see the weather beaten, hungry, unclothed and gloomy faces of these men, women and children and then pretend they don’t exist. So I write, I speak and advocate in the hope that my work can help me keep making a difference in the lives of those that I have left behind. I appreciate you stopping by and reading my story and I hope you will enjoy reading my books.

Thank you for your support!


Dorothy Rudzi Chitembure-Wright