Nothing bears greater testimony to Dorothy passion for helping others more than her philanthropic work. Whether it is her involvement in local charity work to raise money for under privileged children, or starting projects back in her homeland to help benefits AIDS orphans, the common thread in all her work is her selfless drive to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Since being in America, Dorothy has continued to reach back to her homeland (Zimbabwe) with aid to provide relief to those living under inhumanely impoverished conditions. With the help of the United Methodist Church, her friends, and some of her co-workers, Dorothy managed to reach out and help over thirty widowed families, and over ten orphaned children go to school. She has been instrumental in gathering clothing, food, school and health supplies to help those in need locally and abroad. In recognition of her efforts to better the lives of others, the YWCA awarded Dorothy Wright the Woman of Achievement Award. Dorothy has also received commendations and letters of acknowledgement from various organizations for her humanitarian efforts. These all speak as to who she is and celebrate her passion to make a difference in other people’s lives.