Poetry & Music

In addition to writing books, poetry and music are also among Dorothy‚Äôs artistic works. Tukalila Owe is a CD that features poetry written and read by Dorothy, and also features the African Gospel music that nourished Dorothy and her siblings spiritually over the years.  

Through poetry, Dorothy speaks from the heart on social and cultural issues that need reform or improvement with the hope of starting a dialog that leads to positive change. Whether she writes a poem to express gratitude, or writes a poem to speak against injustice; she has a way of compelling the listener to see the world through eyes of a child living in poverty, or through the eyes of a young woman whose culture does not see her as a person, but only sees her as a commodity with which gain wealth through dowry. These are just a few examples of what is instore for you in this combo CD.

Best be assured, if the poetry does not move you, the music certainly will! Order your copy today!